New integrated rail system begins to take shape


When fully completed by 2030, the new metro network in Doha will link up with five long-distance lines as well as a light-rail system, facilitating not only better transport, but also increasing trade between the region by up to 6 per cent on a yearly basis

A city is far more than the sum of its architectural components, no matter how visually stunning those showpiece buildings may be. That much is certainly true of Doha, capital of Qatar, the country with the highest per capita income on the planet. Rich or poor, people still must go out and about to work and play and learn and observe – activities that require movement. In this former pearl fishing Gulf backwater that now controls the world’s third-largest natural gas reserves, a major effort is underway to see a completely modern public transportation network up and running by the year 2030.

“We believe there is a tremendous economic benefit in having a public transport system in Qatar and throughout the region. There is a tremendous social impact and many gains and benefits to be had,” says Abdulla Abdulaziz T. Al-Subaie, Managing Director  of Qatar Rail (QR) the entity created to supervise the design, construction and commissioning of an integrated network of urban metro lines, light rail and long-haul passenger and freight trains. More info

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